B.Duck (Little Yellow Duck) is an original IP in China and the main brand of Semk Products Ltd, a famous product design company.  B.Duck was born in 2005. The first product of B.Duck is waterproof radio for bathroom. The unique waterproof radio with duck is very popular in Japan and Europe. Since then, the image of B.Duck has been applied in different product categories, including more than 20 categories such as home, bathroom, kitchen, stationery, electronic products and holiday gifts, with a total of more than 3,000 products . The products have been exported to many European countries, and have gained high popularity in Europe, Japan and other places.

In 2021, B.Duck founded its own clothing and bag brand, with independent design, production and sales capacity of more than 10,000 SKUs, more than 10,000 SKUs for authorized products, more than 300 licensers in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South America, with more than 2.5 million kinds of authorized products and business categories. There were more than 100 themed activities in the mall, with an average flow of more than 1.2 million people per event and a total of 240 million people contacted.

B.Duck Baby focuses on the hot and fashionable young mothers born after 85, 90 and 95. With “Cute Baby Baby Fashion brand” as the entry point, B.Duck extends the fun spirit of the little yellow Duck, shares the beautiful story of love and fun with every family, and is committed to providing high value, different and innovative products for babies aged 0 to 3. Its cute, cute and energetic brand style has successfully blown the whirlwind of the trend in the world of mothers and babies.

B.Duck Boys Shoes Tennis Running Hiking Sneakers Kids Athletic Outdoor Slip Resistant for Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid


[The head of the shoe is upturned by 15°]-Protect the baby’s little toe, which is more suitable for the baby’s habit of walking on tiptoe, and protects the baby to walk steadily without falling.
[Anti-slip groove sole] – upgrade wear-resistant grip, light and flexible sole, upgrade deep texture wear-resistant non-slip light running without slipping.
[Stable Velcro] – Soft and adjustable, suitable for fat and thin feet, not tight, easy to put on and take off.
[Heel Reinforcement] – Heel reinforcement effectively improves support, maintains ankle balance, reduces the probability of falling, and makes baby travel safer
[Breath and Clear Mesh] – The breathable mesh upper circulates perspiration to keep the inside of the shoe dry.